Why are you 

doing Research ?


If you are considering a new product or service, then undertaking some early research could save both finances and heartache. You can chose from a range of services and a variety of methods. Click on any of the services below to read more about what is included.

  • Early market testing

  • Online market opportunities

  • Opinion Polls with results back in 24 hours

  • Digital customer acquisition strategies

  • Pricing Studies

  • Early market adoption feedback

  • Brand development and finding your market sweet spot.

I can deliver method neutral approaches so if you just want a quick concept test or something that includes video feedback so you can hear direct from your test market, then I can advise on the best method or questions to ask. If you already have your questionnaire ready I can also quality check your potential results to ensure you dont have to go back and repeat the exercise. Even a small start up can access quick results and feel more confident moving forwards. And if you are a bigger more established brand I can also add in some brand mapping too which migh impact product adoption rates.

Download the Service Guide to New Product Research.


Maybe its not a completey new product or service that is keeping you awake at night. Business growth can be just as much of a headache especially If you are considering a diversification which is an exciting and potentially profitable option but can also be a strategy with the highest risk if you have not undertaken some key research.

Abacus Research can help you:

  • Identify growth opportunities for established products or services

  • Identify Market Sizing

  • Identify Market Opportunity Analysis

  • Track Brand Health as a one off or regular exercise

  • Undertake Competitor Analysis

  • Create one off or on-going customer and non customer feedback loops

  • Build Buyer Personas and identify profitable segments

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Data and insights for digital and on-line growth

I deliver method neutral approaches which means you can get some early clarity or design a deeper piece of research dependant on how much is at stake.

Downoad the Service Guide to Business Growth


Perfect for digital content agencies or internal managers responsible for driving content that works Abacus Research can help you with :

  • Thought leadership research

  • Trending topics that lift your brand 

  • Develop owned or borrowed content

  • Deliver key data for content topics to improve credibility so whart you say stands up to journalist scrutiny

I do this with both grey desk research as well as accessing digital data platforms that scan your market, your competitors and accessing propriety social listening tools. 

This means that your content gets more searches, more website traffic - all you need to do then is convert it !

Download the Service Guide to Content Marketing Research


Or perhaps, you are an agency looking for a third party white label service so you can provide your clients with expert research skills guided by and through you perhaps as part of a wider project. Or perhaps you are a marketing manager who needs an established and reliable research project manager that you can lean on as much or as little as you need.

Abacus Research can assist in the following ways:

  • Research plan development

  • Quality check your questionnaires

  • Advise on the best options for research respondents

  • Recruit respondents both locally and globally if needed with access to 40mllion consumers and businesses

  • Deliver first cut results on consumer opinion polls within 48 hours

  • Interrogate your results for statistical robustness to stand up to journalists enquiries

  • Provide advice on building strategy insights

  • Content Market Research

  • Brand mapping and testing

  • White label research services for your agency

  • Act as your in-house (strategic) research department

I love working with a wide range of teams and businesses and have heaps of experience accross multiple sectors.

But most importantly, I dont make research a "dark-art". I am good at what I do and always deliver results you can actually do something with.



I know how tricky, even deciding which research service you might need. So I've created a useful set of Service Guides for business objectives to download right here


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Business Growth

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