UX research methods are imperative for gathering data and insights. Similarly, ongoing activities in user experience can make everyone’s efforts more effective and valuable.

People often ask when I should do UX research on my project? Well, there are three ways to answer this question. You can conduct a UX research process:-
● At the current stage you are in.
● At all stages, as each research step will only increase the product’s value.
● Before beginning the project, but conserve some budget for a smaller amount of additional research later in the project.

Personally, I would consider that the earlier the research, the more impact the findings will have on the product. Take a look at the options at each stage to help you work out what next and explore various methods and activities available in multiple project stages. You can see the UX research process and different UX research methods that can be used simultaneously. With years of experience in all areas either within an organisati0n as part of the Marketing and Research Team or working with clients in a freelance capacity, I have run and delivered with every type of UX Method.

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