What is Longevity Research?

Longevity Research is bound up in the concept of successful ageing.


What that means is that it is different for everyone.  Sucessful ageing is not a normative definition of what being 65 or 70 looks like. It embraces the concept that ageing successfully looks different for everyone. In that way Longevity Research works to put the older person at the heart of the questions being asked AND answered.

The Longevity Hub - voices for older people.

To that end, Abacus Research runs The Longevity Hub, a volunteer research website that regularly gathers data from older people about issues that are important and then freely publishes that data in the form of reports and presenations. That approach aims to champion what it means to age well and encourage older voices to be heard and respected. Longevity and successful ageing is a personal project of the founder of Abacus Research who has a PhD in Successful Ageing and Loneliness.


Abacus Research proudly publishes a Senior Sentiment Survey report as soon as there is sufficient data to do so. It displays a Sentiment Score which is a score ranging from 1-100, where 100 is the optimum sentiment. The single score combines the indexes of Safety, Resilience and Connectedness along with additional ratings on Quality of Life overall. It is a useful measure of the sentiment of well-being in an older population over the age of 65. The index ratings are a combined measure of a series of questions with different weightings to give an overall index. The rest of the data is percentage responses to individual questions that score in the top quartile of affirmative (Yes) responses. Data is collected over three months largely from Queensland, Australia.






Abacus Research is also a member of the Anti-Ageism Campaign and is regularly asked to present data and lead key note addresses on what it means to age successfully.

To read the latest Senior Sentiment Report visit The Longevity Hub or click here

To find out more visit The Longevity Hub at thelongevityhub.com.au


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