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Content Market Research

Content Market Research continues to become a critical weapon in an organisations’ battle for consumers hearts and minds. A well researched and executed content strategy can return a hundred times over the spend on getting it right.


In content marketing research, you want access to the information of experts through sources like industry body reports, peer reviewed articles, survey results and studies. At the same time, you also want to gain an insight into the world of the customer through sources like online forums, social media and SEO tools.


Regardless of what sources you use to begin your content marketing research, your research should focus on three key areas.


  1. Thought leadership research

  2. Trending topics

  3. Deliver key data for content topics to improve credibility


Thought leadership research

In thought leadership research you will want to differentiate yourself from your competitors and bring something new to the table. However, this content needs to stand up to the scrutiny of your competitors, journalists and most importantly your customers or prospect.

Thought leadership often entails conducting research that is unique to a problem or issue close to the hears and minds of your customers and offering unique insight into it.

In turn that association can develop high levels of brand trust and authority and is vital if you are particularly active in an already overcrowded market place.

Trending topics

Knowing which topics are trending and how to add value to, or work alongside that trednign topic in order to be seen as relevant can be important to many consumer brands. It can also be quite time consuming. Social listening tools really help and reviewing content that you have already published to examine views and conversions for example will give you an idea of what you are doing already that might be working. BUT neither will give you a true overview by customer segment or demographic. Finding what is trending based on your requirements is where Abacus Research can help. We can research your particular customer base and prepare topic suggestions.


Deliver key data for content topics to improve credibility

So, you have found the content that you think will be important to your customers but how do you lend it credibility. Gathering key and verified data either from already published studies or creating robust data outputs yourself, will quickly elevate your content above everyone else’s. Content with key data can be easily turned into infographics, re-quoted in the media or become bite sized PR fodder, giving you and your brand access to earned media opportunities that you have not had to pay for.


Abacus Research can work to quickly deliver and validate key data often the same day if its for a press release for example. Or we can construct statisatically robust sample surveys and data results to ensure your content becomes more trusted.

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