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Abacus Research is a research consultancy and project management service.


Based on many years of both qualitative and quantitave research experience, I started Abacus Research to be able to offer a variety of options to help organisations access the research answers they need without compromising 

on quality.


Services include

1. Research services and data gathering for your large or small scale research requirements as your freelance research partner. This might include simple surveys, focus groups and ethnographic studies or complex mixed methods.

2. An expert research project manager for a research partner of your choice.


Why Abacus Research?


After  years working in both both business strategy and research and having completed my doctorate in both quantitave and qualitative research, I decided it was time to follow my dream of helping organisations access answers to key business decisions simply and easily.

As a freelance service, I can flex up when needed but

most importantly you know you are getting high level

expertise at a time you need it. 

You want a "quick survey" ?

No problem but let me run an expert check that the

data you get at the end is usable.

You need someone to project manage your next

research project without having to recruit someone?

No problem - I can make sure you only use the survey

tools that you need not ones you think you need.

Need a buyer persona or segment developed to

improve your sales?

No problem, I have worked with a global network of

research partners across multiple sectors, so you can

access a wide skill set.

My recent projects have included:

  • Buyer personas and segments - Retail

  • Market Opportunity Analysis including Market Sizing - Aged care

  • Brand Health (mapping, tracking and testing) - Retail

  • Opinion Polls - Telcoms

  • Social Return on Investment Calculations - Not For Profit

  • Pricing Studies - Automotive

  • Concept testing for new product or service launch - Retail

  • Net Promoter Scoring - Land Developer

  • Competitor Mapping - Education

  • Customer Journey Mapping - Retirement Living

  • Content Research and SEO - Research Partner

  • Website analysis and customer pain points including digital mapping and insights - Retail

  • Marketing Stategy and Planning Development - Event Management

  • Project Management 

I understand that choosing the right research can be overwhelming. So I've put together a useful set of service guides for more detail on each research area that you could consider. 

Visit the Research Area page and click into each link for more information.

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Abacus Research Consulting
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